Thermographic inspection of solar modules

Regular annual inspections ensure rapid detection of the defective PV modules and increase the efficiency of solar photovoltaic power plants.
Report on the thermographic inspection shows any defective or malfunctioning modules.

Thermographic inspection of buildings

Thermographic inspection is indispensable to energy renovation of buildings.
The thermographic recordings determine the places where the energy restoration plans should be prepared individually for each measure.
After renovation of the facility an inspectionof measures is performed to ensure that the works and measures were prepared and executed properly.

Thermographic inspection of industrial facilities and infrastructure

Thermographic inspection of industrial facilities allows us to determine the “weak points” such as the parts of over-heating installations, the physical damages of the structure…

Thermographic inspection of installations in buildings

Thermographic inspection of the installation in facilities enables the location of the course of plumbing lines and determination of suspected failures (e.g. leaking of pipes)
Combination with the cable locator Leica DigiCat enables the reliable location of the course of covered installations in buildings.